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Thread: Why are there different levels for everything

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    Only troops which cannot be used as spam or mass army are available max at th12 that also few.
    Troops like Electro,Ballons,miners,hogs are not available max at th 12 as they are spam or mass army.
    pekka is already op so it didn't got new level still but i think it may soon get new level
    (this is my assumption)

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    The only one I dislike is the golem, they keep adding more levels to him knowing he'll continue being as useless as always.

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    For something like yetis, they could have had shorter upgrades to get up to the same max levels as the other troops with the same time. SCs game, their rules. Not sure it make any difference tbh though, max troops are max troop. Doesn’t matter about the level (cf. spinal tap, up to 11 lol)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thesuperbeast View Post
    I was just asking if anyone knew the logic to what is an apparent random allocation of level layers to each unit. It is not consistent to unit space or to level unlocked.
    That's because "balance".
    Like, take their recent, extremely well thought-out clone level. New max closing is gonna clone a whopping 33 space worth of troops, up from 30. Let me say it again, an increase of 3 housing space!
    This is pretty much useless, if you didn't catch on. Add another level to it, increasing it 36, and it 'fixes' it.

    That's not all. These useless levels also help players who suffer from STD, i.e., Something To Do, by giving em, well, something to do. These players get lost as soon as they max or get close to max because they have nothing to do. It also reduces SC's workload and if you include heroes, takes care of business. Kill 4 birds with one stone. A bloody good shot, I'd say.

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    Some troops deserve more levels than others. If it were all the same that would be incredibly boring.

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