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Thread: New th9 (maxed th8) lookin for reg wars

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    New th9 (maxed th8) lookin for reg wars

    Lookin for regular wars!

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    We are a brand new clan who just one there first war, and then immediatly started a second one, we would love to have you a WedlaBois #2YQ289L90

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    Quote Originally Posted by dev2005kapla View Post
    Lookin for regular wars!
    Hey, we are a new clan. We are half way to level 2. We have a TH13 who can donate several maxed level troops. Come, check us out #2PU2CLLC9.
    If you’re interested, join our discord server

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    Hi there,
    Hrithik here from the Centum Group,

    It looks like you may be a good fit for Centum.
    We are a family of 11 clans, each with a different purpose, designed to maximise your potential in war and farming.

    Centum currently are the most popular clan on the Supercell forum. We are an adults only, 100% FairPlay, so if you’re a hardcore farmer or warrior we have a home for you.

    Please check out our main thread to see requirement and if your interested in joining please fill out an application.

    Hope to see your application in Centum soon.

    Amazing Sig Courtesy to Reaper!

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    Hey i just sent you an invite in game but here's some info about my new clan.

    I decided to make a new clan 09.02.2020 and am looking for loyal and dedicated clashers to grow the clan and to help lead an empire. If you are interested in building a clan from the ground up with active players this is definitely the place for you.

    I have seen way too often good clans go bad and become riddled with inactive clashers forcing the active clashers to sit dormant as his/her clanmates uninstall the game. Now i want to change the narrative and show that clash isn’t dead!

    ABOUT LEADER: 18, USA, Full-time student at university
    I am a Max TH9 with Queen upgrading to 20 and King is upgrading to 19
    i love to war and to use different strategies for war attacks. If you have any Th9 tips and strategies i’m definitely willing to learn more.
    My Base:

    ABOUT total anarchy :
    • All TH's are welcome
    • We will war as soon as we get enough members who are skilled in wars.
    • We will create an atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to ask for help if needed and leaders will assist
    • Participation is strongly encouraged (Active players only)
    Promotions will be based on clan loyalty and war performance

    The purpose for this clan is to create a strong clan of like-minded players who are both willing to build a strong clan as well as relax and have a good time. We will be in war very often in this clan and will be taking it serious however, if war isn’t your thing, by all means opt out and enjoy the clan for its close knit community.

    Consider total anarchy as your new home!

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