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Thread: When and where was the last time you saw Golems in a serious war attack?

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    [TH13] When was the last time you saw Golems in a serious war attack?

    Morning/Afternoon/Evening clashers,

    I watch a lot of streams and videos of serious clash wars and I've failed to observe the use of Golem in any of the meta army compositions - Queen charge hybrid, Yeti Smash, Queen charge zap hybrid, Zap laloon, Drag Bat, Yeti BoBat and you name it. On the other hand, use of Ice Golem is quite prevalent - it provides immense value for 15 troop space. I've seen the usage rate of Golem decline (only SC can provide the real stat though) since the introduction of Yeti and Ice Golem as they provide decent value while still acting as tanks. For sake of quick math, Yeti provides what I would call tanking HP of 7000 per troop space of 36 which is 5833 tanking HP per 30 troop space. In addition, Yetimites provide non tanking HP of 8000 per troop space of 36 which is 6666 HP per troop space of 30. That brings total HP by Yetis per troop space of 30 up to 12500. On the other hand, Golem provides total HP (all tanking HP) of 11200 per troop space of 30. Question is - is 5200 more tanking HP worth the huge trade-off in DPS (all the while non tanking HP is higher for Yetis)? From my observation, the answer seems to be a profound No.

    My thoughts on what can be done? One way out could be by bringing down troop space of Golem to 25 and the other could be a DPS buff for both Golem and the Golemites.

    I'd like to know your thoughts on the usage rate of Golems at TH13 and whether you think any love is needed for Golems at this point.
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    Golem might have a high usage rate at th 8. To increase the usage at th 13 it needs more damage, especially on walls.
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    Actually I have a clan mate (max TH13) who used a golem regular in his war attacks and he does great. Myself I prefer ice golems for tanking, but when you expect spring traps a golem is awesome.

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    A week ago some of our opponent used zap golem bowitch and tripled a couple bases.
    Golem worked well on both sides of the base to tank for witches and bowlers.

    Then we had golem used against us in CWL too by Blaze JP(Unicorns of Love) , they also used it well to tank for witches on sides of the bases.
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    I saw golems used in legend league by a regional youtuber and 3 stared with that strategy
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    In most cases they arent good. The extra HP doesnt make a difference, its usually burned quickly by high defences at TH13. Also paired with slowest movement in game wich makes them fall behind troops half of the time. That means half of the tanking.

    Sometimes they are good, they work. But what other people are missing is also the fact that if that winning attack with golems had giants/yeti/pekka instead of golems maybe it would of been even better. Just saying that it should of not be looked as them being the reason of a win attack just like that. There are factors to consider.

    Also their housing space, even making them less spaces doesnt solve the problem of them not tanking often, being the last troop entering the breach on some walls. Everytime they are tanking, they are doing it because already a number of units died already in front of them due to quicker move speed. Just saying that even if they tank defences, there are better results with other units.

    They work a bit better with witches because witches arent that fast and also stop often to raise skeletons, allowing golems to be in front more often. Or archers/wizzards/bowlers at lower levels
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    Me with maxed 13 with just lvl 4 golem😑

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    I would take 2 igs instead of a golem coz of it's death frz.yeah,They are useless in high ths

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    use them regularly at th10 if I'm going mass hog. outside that i don't see them anymore at 11 and above
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    I’m using two golems in my CWL army.

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