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Thread: Delay between CWL wars

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    Delay between CWL wars

    I tried to find any thread on this. Between wars 1 and 2 of CWL, there was a delay of over an hour before the second war started and the first finished. Now we just finished our 2nd wars and the 3rd war is delayed 2 hours 45 minutes before starting. I've never seen these type of delays between CWL wars. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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    it happens every season to some clans for reasons unknown

    it's happened to us in the past but not for a while
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    Happening with mine this time too, 1 hour to 1:45 between each war. Drives me nuts.

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    Bothers me too. My barracks are loaded with War Castle troops and I canít raid

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    CWL time between wars

    I must have missed this in the update, but Iím curious as to why the time between the end of one war and the start of another is now over an hour. We started our CWL search so out first war would be around 8pm. With the added time between wars our last one will start after 2am. Not to mention the extra time after the next war starts before you can begin to fill war cc for the next war. I didnít mind the 30 or so minute break between wars but over an hour is nuts.

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    Ah, good to know. Thanks!

    Seems to be a glitch that happens a lot but not much info as to why. Oh well.
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    Happened with us last cwl

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    Happened with us this league we never had gap more than 5 mins till now but we had 15 mins yesterday

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    I would love an hour between wars, to make time for more reasoned substitutions. We got a deep bench.
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