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Thread: MAX Th8 looking for war clan

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    MAX Th8 looking for war clan

    new TH9, previously maxed TH8
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    Canada eh, #298RU09L9, looking for active members. We are a friendly guild that does wars frequently. Come give us a shot, mention Gunzladwin or Alpha69er when requesting.

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    Hey check our clan. Some intro below

    Hey There
    We would love to have you in our clan.
    We are a lvl 4 clan with helpful and respectful members . We do our best in clan wars and leagues and max our clan games.

    There are instant donations.
    There is no pressure to do 3 stars ,just try your best.

    We are growing very fastly and would love to have your co operation in our journey.

    Check our clan battlefield [#2pc8r889q]

    We are almost full and dont need players who come and go.

    If you are unable to join, send a friend request to the leader.



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    Quote Originally Posted by MICKS9989 View Post
    new TH9, previously maxed TH8



    Join mine

    My Ign freedom fighter Co leader of
    Clan of war¥ lvl3 Close to lvl4
    I am th10 almost max

    Come to my clan see you soon

    And don't forget to say when u join my clan forum rock.

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    Hi there,
    Hrithik here from the Centum Group,

    It looks like you may be a good fit for Centum.
    We are a family of 11 clans, each with a different purpose, designed to maximise your potential in war and farming.

    Centum currently are the most popular clan on the Supercell forum. We are an adults only, 100% FairPlay, so if you’re a hardcore farmer or warrior we have a home for you.

    Please check out our main thread to see requirement and if your interested in joining please fill out an application.

    Hope to see your application in Centum soon.

    Amazing Sig Courtesy to Reaper!

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    Hey, we would love to have you in our clan, our home.

    I have a TH13 that can donate several maxed level troops. We are a new clan and trying to create a friendly, but progressive team. We win as a team, and if we lose, we lose as a team. We value EFFORTS OVER RESULTS and emphasise on fun and friendship over your trophy count.

    We are an international clan with people from all over the world, so there’s always someone online.

    We do back-to-back wars, and the next clan games and CWLs will be our first and we are going to thrive in them.

    Come, check us out.
    Clan tag: #2PU2CLLC9
    Clan link:
    If you’re interested, you must join our discord server:

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    Looking for a clan you can chill and win some wars

    Clan name: KINGS ARISE
    Clan level: 2
    CWL league: Gold League 2
    Leader’s name: EliteRanga101
    Clan tag: #29889GVU8
    Clan link:

    What we are and what we value.
    1. A war clan.
    2. We value EFFORT OVER RESULTS. In other words, as long as you attack and try your best we will be proud
    3. Trophy count in this clan does not matter at all
    4. An International clan and preferred language of communication is English.

    Clan rules:
    1. Be respectful towards others. Friendly banter is encouraged.
    2. Do BOTH attacks in war. EVEN IF we are losing the war.
    3. At least 2000 in clan games
    4. Donate what you can

    What are we looking for?
    1. Town hall 7 and above is welcome, as long as you act mature you can join doesn't matter what age.
    2. People who like to war.
    3. Active, friendly, helpful and respectful people.
    4. People who are willing to help build the clan.
    5. People who are interested in CWL and clan games.

    I ran a level 15 clan for 3 years and the clan crumbled, now i'm back in the gig starting fresh. I know how to attack and win wars. So what are you waiting for JOIN

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    We are a lvl 9 clan coming back from a break too.. 3 th 10s 2 th 9s and 5 th 8 and some can be a good addition if you want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MICKS9989 View Post
    new TH9, previously maxed TH8
    #C2V0QJ9C rebuilding, accepting players of all levels. Anybody who wants to war can war, all will be included of cwl. Some higher town halls for decent donations, pretty relaxed clan. Fell free to stop by.

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