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Thread: My Animals Are Cold!!!!

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    Lightbulb My Animals Are Cold!!!!

    Where have all the clothes gone??
    It would be great if the animals could revert to having some form of clothing to keep them warm please during all seasons! They look very ‘naked’ when they have been so used to wearing different items......I really believe chickens with waistcoats, sheep with a knitted scarf, cows with a hat and wellies, pigs with a tux and goats with sunglasses and shirts?? I think as they have worn them for so long, surely they would be missing them?
    Can I also suggest the eyes are a little too googly and could do with a more cartoon feature or standard eyes rather than than them popping out (especially the cows).....

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    Hi. Don't worry, the animals will be dressed again soon. I think Halloween outfits are next. 🙂

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    It's a personal preference but i think animals look best without human clothing.

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    The different dress up is a humorous thing for game amusement. Glad that developers have consideration in this effect. It is hot summer now so they not get cold, just feed them.

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