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Thread: Looking for an active+talkative war clan?

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    Wink Looking for an active+talkative war clan?

    Looking for an active+talkative war clan?

    Clan name: Glizzy Jugglers
    Clan level: 4
    CWL league: Gold League II
    Leader’s name: Ricky
    Clan tag: #2YOGGRCPQ
    Clan link:
    ONLY ACCEPTING people who are 18 YEARS OR OLDER.
    If you request say you are from the clash forums!
    We are,
    1. A war clan.
    2. We value EFFORT OVER RESULTS. In other words, no pressure for 3 stars every war.
    3. A mature, adult (18+) clan, We use profanity and like to talk about memes!
    4. We value fun over trophy count.
    5. English Speakers Preferred

    Clan rules:
    1. Be respectful towards others. Friendly banter is encouraged.
    2. Do BOTH attacks in war. EVEN IF we are losing the war.
    3. Always use 3 star attack strategies in war.
    4. Please donate when and what you can. Be generous and helpful towards your fellow clan members. There is no minimum donation ratio.
    5. NO WAR without heroes.
    6. Use War badge to communicate if you would like to participate in the war.

    What are we looking for?
    1. 18 years or older
    2. Town Hall Above 7
    3. Active!
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