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Thread: Every super troop

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    Every super troop

    A while back, Galadon said that eventually supercell will make a super-version of every troop in the game. So here’s what I think this could look like in the future.

    here are my ideas in order from oldest to newest troops:

    Super loon: Drops a bat spell when destroyed. 15 HS (Housing Space)

    Super wiz (electro wiz): Stuns it’s target and forces it to retarget. 10 HS

    Super healer: Drops a heal spell on the troop it was last healing when it dies. HS 25

    Super dragon: Leaves behind a baby dragon and a balloon when it dies. HS 30

    Super PEKKA (mini pekka): Same damage, Less HP, less housing space. HS 15

    Super miner: Gives a final 2 hits on the building it was targeting when it dies. HS 10

    Super electro dragon: Briefly stuns buildings it damages. HS 35

    Super yeti: No. Just no.

    Super minion (mega minion): Armored minion, more hp, more dmg. HS 5

    Super hog: First swing stuns defense buildings for 3 seconds. HS 10

    Super golem: Spawns 3 ice golems instead of 3 golemites. HS 50

    Super hound: Drops a freeze when destroyed. HS 40

    Super bowler: Bowling ball bounces twice instead of once. HS: 10

    Super ice golem: Leaves buildings and troops with frostbite, slowing them down temporarily after unfrozen. HS 20

    Super headhunter: Invisible until it’s first shot, deals more damage. 10 HS

    some of these are really far fetched but I wanted to think of an idea for every troop (except yeti. please delete yeti, supercell)
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    Do you know what is the concept of super troops
    A troop becomes supertroop when they have a special Ablity-, some of your ideas are increase in damage increase in HP, that is not a super troop it is a new level
    So mega minion and mini pekka idea cannot be called super troops
    And most of the troops have same Ablity stun
    While remaining are too OP
    Three ice golems from golem then the housing space should be 60
    What is up with super bowler it is same as bowler
    And it is very weird how super loon will drop bat spells
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    I like that this forum makes you sound like you were on crack, but I am loving the creative energy. 😈😈😈 I feel most of these need new reformed ideas and concepts, but some are headed in the right direction. And I like it. I might want to elaborate on super troops also in the future so do not get offended if you see anything from me in the future.

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