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Thread: inferno tower & xbow rework idea

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    inferno tower & xbow rework idea

    so before i give my idea i want to recap on how powerful inferno towers were back in the day when they blocked all healing. when supercell decided to remove the anti-heal it wasnít so bad until we started abusing multi-target infernos with queen charges. now you have to set your infernos to single or youíll be easily queen charged with no freeze needed or youíll be mass yeti tripled.

    now hear me out, my idea is not to bring back the anti-heal effect. but rather to remove the option to switch your inferno from single to multi and instead give it a little rework that is effective against queencharges and effective against mass troop armies.

    So iíll use a max inferno as an example of how this rework would work. a max inferno has roughly 100 dps when set to multi and has 5 targets. so how the new inferno would work is if there is only 1 troop in range the inferno will start off damaging it by 100 dps, after each second it will deal 100 more dps until it reaches 500 dps. if there are 2 troops in range, the inferno will start at 100 dps x 2, each second increasing damage until it is dealing 250dps to each troop, and if there are 5 troops in range it will simply deal 100 dps to each troop without increasing damage. so when focusing on 1 troop it will act like a single inferno, not as powerful as before but powerful enough to force a freeze or ability, and will also be effective against mass troops.

    now my xbow idea is to remove the option to set to ground or air and just make it so the xbow can shoot both ground and air. ground range will still be 14 tiles away and air will still be 11 tiles away, but now you wouldnít have to set it to one or the other.

    my reasoning for this is because i feel every base should be equally as challenging for all armies and strategies. this would make for good practice and good defense. usually having your xbows down leaves your base weak against air attacks, but leaving your xbows on air leaves you weak against queen charges.

    thatís all

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    How would you consider the Infernos having a variable amount of troops in and out of its range when considering the increase of dps? I think it would mostly be at 100dps for each troop as troops leave the target, other troops just die and so on.

    I dislike the xbow rework, the thing with ground xbows is customization. Most people go with ground attacks so you try and defend against the majority or try to be more balanced with the air/ground xbow.

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    It's just basebuilding. If you design your base to be exposed to air/ground, or to certain strategies, that's a basebuilding problem. If you have all multis to counter hog, miners, hybrid, or lalo, you need to build the rest of your base accordingly to ensure that you won't be 3 starred easily.

    Also, your first point about multis being exposed to queen charges or yeti spam isn't exactly all true. You can predict queen charges, and add a few xbows and SAMs to make the charge difficult. And even yetis arent a guaranteed 3 against all multis.

    I just don't think the rework is needed.

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    I love how you reworked it but strategy comes with a price. Challenge and Uncertainty.

    But I am very intrigued with your inferno idea. I was actually just beginning a project forum on a new Builder Base defense.

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