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    Quote Originally Posted by Firestonezz View Post
    We might not have enough evidence yet to conclude whether or not lightning is OP, but it is definitely much easier on the planning and execution side than other attacks, and arguably for too much reward at TH10.

    Lighting + dragons is something many people learn at TH7, so it's usually a skill that many people hold on to. Zap the AD(s), set some troops on the edges to funnel, and attack down the middle. After all, the concept of funneling never goes away - you need it to guide any troop properly to maximize its effectiveness.

    The problem is that zap + dragons requires ONLY that skillset, and nothing more. You don't have to plan out a QW or kill squad, you don't need to watch multiple phases of an attack, etc. You drop the zaps, set up a basic funnel, and spam the rest of your troops into the middle - just like what you did at TH7. Why should a TH10 attack be almost as simple as a TH7 one?

    I feel that the risk vs reward is a bit unbalanced here. Some of my weaker/casual clanmates, who have previously rarely ever 3 starred a TH10, are getting many 3 stars because of the simplicity of this strategy.
    Because now th10 is just like earlier th7. You don't see any th10 in high leauges of cwl. Mostly high level clans prefer th11+ only. In few years you can expect th11 to be a low th and no one will care to take them in clans. Its reality.

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    Even I felt the same and posted in the forum. Ultimately felt the base designs have to be adapted. At th10 mostly the lightning spell is used to destroy 3 or 4 ADs. Made some changes to the base like placing 2 storages beside each AD so that there is no mass damge delt to other buildings. Upgrade seeking mines. Single Inferno. Placing Air Sweeper in consideration with Inferno. Tried different things and was able to defend the base against mass dragon attacks. Having said that TH10 has become a lot easier

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