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Thread: Super Hog Rider - Easter Eggs

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    New Super Troop - Super Hog Rider (Easter Eggs)

    Did anyone notice the Party King promotion video in that party all the performers on stage are super troops and you see a hog too on the stage with a super troop logo also on a magazine front we see a hog which says "More Cowbells" guess there is something to do with Super version of Hog in this update. Is it just me who noticed this?

    If atall we receive a Super version of Hog Rider, what you guys think its Super ability would be?

    Throw your speculated ideas and what you think about it.
    And Cheers enjoy the 8th Anniversary.

    Clash On!!
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    there are some comments in super archer thread

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    Does no one watch SNL?

    Google "more cow bell," please.
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    Party archer as well.

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    may be, they have a stun capability as in builder base

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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaTroll View Post
    Does no one watch SNL?

    Google "more cow bell," please.
    Classic skit. Blue Oyster Cult isn’t a bad band either.

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    Super archer indeed is confirmed
    Through magazines
    Already noticed that hogs but not on stage
    But on battlefield , they are of golden shade with golden hammer instead of blue icy ones yes they can be super ones

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    right behind you
    Possible abilities:
    Hog and rider changes positions.
    Tag team action.

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    Idk about super troops(actually i have seen but wont spoil here) but i guess rc is getting new lvl coz she gets healed quickly than other heros at maxed lvl

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