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Thread: Personal Train displaying unavailable Townies

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    Personal Train displaying unavailable Townies

    Recently the town Personal Train is listing townies who are unavailable for pickup. These townies usually will have a building with an X marked on it. There is no point to listing unavailable townies as it just slows the game down and is a distraction. Please fix this.

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    Agreed. But I think the "x" has to do with the person released the townie without servicing them. Not so much they are not available. Not picking them up seems to be the glitch though.

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    To developer: These invalid visitors that are appearing on their station pick up list has multiple buildings showing. One or two of the buldings will have green check , one will have red X. It occurs when a player sends a partially served visitor to the station from the building. I don't know if it occurs when a partially served visitor is sent out from the master menu also. You need to test that.
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