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Thread: Clan needed

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    Clan needed

    I'm a clasher looking for a good serious mature clan. I'm a th 10 pretty much maxed.

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    Hey, I am the leader of a clan and you're welcome to join. The clan name is Get Shanghaied

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    Check out <<Night Fury>> level 15 Clan Tag #9VCOJGGQ. Master 3 League. Newly Reboot Clan. Adult Casual Clan. We are primarily USA plus internationals. We max Clan Game and do casual war, CWL. Very relaxed and friendly. War is optional but highly encourage. No app to download but this is Wichita family clan of 4 discord server you are welcome to swing by and chat with us. Mention Muoi sent you or from forum in request to join. Have a great day!!!!! Link to Clan

    WichitA (Level 21) Clan Tag #20RJ29PL
    Discord Link
    Wichita Family of 4 Clans Recruiting Thread
    Thanks to TerMinus Prime for the awesome sig/avatar!

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    Hi there,
    Hrithik here from the Centum Group,

    It looks like you may be a good fit for Centum.
    We are a family of 11 clans, each with a different purpose, designed to maximise your potential in war and farming.

    Centum currently are the most popular clan on the Supercell forum. We are an adults only, 100% FairPlay, so if you’re a hardcore farmer or warrior we have a home for you.

    Please check out our main thread to see requirement and if your interested in joining please fill out an application.

    Hope to see your application in Centum soon.

    Amazing Sig Courtesy to Reaper!

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    One Ton Omega is looking for new members!

    We have already matched for CWL, if that matters.

    One Ton Omega (level 8) (#29GRQ902G): 73+ wins | CWL League Gold 1

    About Us:
    • International Members
    • Back-to-back Wars; Max level donations for war
    • Team Player – family friendly, fun and supportive
    • Mature Clan – kids are welcome, but expected to be mature (mostly )
    • Fair Play - No mod / engineering / rushed

    Looking for:
    • Town Hall 8 and higher
    • Active
    • Respectful
    • Use both attacks

    Apply via Discord, and for more information:

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    Attachment 215320

    Hi there! Welcome to Arrow/Faith 3-7! We're a rebuilding semi-serious and social war clan currently looking for active players like you who love to war, chat, and are looking for a new clan to call home. Since we seem to be a perfect match for each other, why don't you keep on reading to learn what we're all about!

    What We Offer:
    ⫸Exciting back to back wars where all members can show off their attacking skills.
    ⫸Step by step walk-throughs on how to perfect the latest attack strategies.
    ⫸Tips on how to identify different bases and design your own base.
    ⫸Fun and recurring 'clan events' to keep the game new and fresh!
    ⫸Advice on the strongest troop combinations for regular and war attacks.
    ⫸Great conversations with other players to get to know them better and make personal connections. We don't only talk about the game in clan chat!

    Who We're Looking For:
    ☬Players town hall 8 and above willing to war regularly.
    ☬Those who use Discord. This is where we plan war attacks, share different strategies, and get to know each other on a personal level!
    ☬Non-rushed players with no war timers.
    ☬Must be fluent in English. It just makes communication easier!
    ☬Active talkers and donators who are serious about war and like to have fun. It makes us more active and shows that we support each other
    ☬Hungry learners looking to improve their clashing skills while helping promote the growth of the clan!

    Clan Rules:
    ☬It is required that members be active on clan chat/discord. Where's the fun if we can't get to know each other and make connections?
    ☬Always read your clan mail! This is where quirky facts/jokes are sent out and where the war strategy is given. I told you we're a fun bunch!
    ☬No clan hopping is allowed. We need loyal and active members who are here to stay.
    ☬ friendly, respectful, and mature!

    War Rules:
    ☬Always make both war attacks and follow the war strategy.
    ☬Always plan your attacks using the war channels in our Discord.
    ☬Always opt out of war if heroes are down.
    ☬Be sure to sign up for the war roster if participating in war.

    Are There Any Opportunities for Promotions?
    How to become an elder:
    ⫸Be active on the clan chat AND discord (talkative, donating regularly, warring, meeting clan games requirements, etc). Although this is required of all members, it's still important to reiterate and let's us know that you're still with us!
    ⫸Help recruit like minded members to join our family.
    ⫸Follow the clan, war, and server rules. Also participate in clan events because they're exciting!
    ⫸Welcome new members to the clan/server
    ⫸Regularly contribute ideas that we'll promote the growth of the clan.

    Expectations of elders:
    Everything stated above in addition to:
    ⫸Ensure that all members (including yourself) are following the war, server, and clan rules.
    ⫸Encourage participation of clan events.
    ⫸Regularly/genuinely contribute in the elder chat and meet the deadlines of clan requests.
    ⫸Remove/bring attention to members who have been warned and aren't following the rules.
    ⫸Be sure to greet new members who join the server, answer any questions they may have, and let them know that I'll interview them as soon as I can if I'm not on.

    Expectations of co-leaders:
    Everything previously stated in addition to:
    ⫸Help manage the clan. This includes running wars, sending out clan mail, running events, developing war strategies, etc.
    ⫸Run the clan while I am away or busy. As a co-leader, you are basically the leader while I am gone. You are expected to be responsible and ensure that the clan continues to run smoothly.
    ⫸Conduct interviews for new members if I am not available or more than one person needs to be interviewed.

    Well now I can't wait to join! How can I apply?
    ☬You can either send me a pm on discord (CharlieRose#7057) or join our Discord: Expect a short interview upon joining the server.

    Hope to see you soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Umairrasheedawan View Post
    I'm a clasher looking for a good serious mature clan. I'm a th 10 pretty much maxed.
    Hey, if you’re 18 YEARS OR OLDER come check us out #2PU2CLLC9. If you are interested in joining us, you MUST JOIN our discord server

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    If you're still searching for a clan check us out. If you have any questions just ask.

    Pine Fine 2 #VRPP28L8

    We are recruiting a couple more TH11+ ***(cannot be rushed or engineered)*** that are active in wars. We war every Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday and the war are started at 8PM EST. We are looking for members that are friendly but take war seriously.

    We are in Masters III for Supercell CWL

    We have sister clans:

    • Pine Fine #PYULYYU9 - Champions III - 15v15
    • Battle Hardened #8CV0CYL8 - Crystal II - 30v30

    Our record is 124 wins and 41 losses. If you have opted for wars you are expected to use both your attacks. We have had a 19 and 14 win war streak in the past.

    We do event wars (Trojan, Ground/Air only wars) and also try to participate in the PotLucks.

    We do require you to join Discord for communication if you join.

    If you do send an invite, please put [Goliath] so you’re not denied since we are always actively waring.

    We have not missed maxed rewards since Clan Games was introduced. If you join we do not have a minimum limit on how many points you must earn we just hope that you contribute as much as you can.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to comment here. Good luck and hope to hear from you soon!


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    Hey, we would love to have you in our clan, our home.

    I have a TH13 that can donate several maxed level troops. We are a new clan and trying to create a friendly, but progressive team. We win as a team, and if we lose, we lose as a team. We value EFFORTS OVER RESULTS and emphasise on fun and friendship over your trophy count.

    We are an international clan with people from all over the world, so there’s always someone online.

    We do back-to-back wars, and the next clan games and CWLs will be our first and we are going to thrive in them.

    Come, check us out.
    Clan tag: #2PU2CLLC9
    Clan link:
    If you’re interested, you must join our discord server:

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