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Thread: Bee, Squirrel, and Boat Problems

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    Bee, Squirrel, and Boat Problems

    This has been happening for a long time, but I kept thinking it would be fixed and it hasnít been. With the bees (and now the squirrels), oftentimes I will come back in the morning after not playing all night, and the collection counter seems like it hasnít moved at all. Literally this morning I hadnít played in over ten hours, and there were only 100+ peanuts collected. When during active hours they collect the whole amount within a couple of hours or less. This mirrors what has been happening with bees for a while (although with bees, since you only need 100 for honey, it will be at like 10 or 15).
    BOATS. This one is super aggravating, and it also has been happening for a long time. I will ask for help on crates, then exit the game, and when I return, the crates are dormant, like I never clicked the Ďask for helpí button at all.
    Thanks for the opportunity to submit my input!

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    I donít know if the bees or squirrels issue happens for the same reason but Iím pretty sure for ur boats itís because u left the game too quickly. It happens in other parts of the game too if u leave too fast the action(s) u did right before leaving didnít have time to get logged in their servers so when u log on again, u have to repeat what u did. Try staying on the game a little longer before leaving, donít log off if u donít have to, or visit another farm first before logging off. Pls try it out because itís also aggravating for those of us who fill ur crates to lose our stock twice when we have to fill them again. And thx for letting me rant!

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    Are the servers slower now? This wasn't an issue before. Now I too notice that I need to wait a little before switching farms. Otherwise what I just did won't be done when I get back. Hope there's a way to make this less of a problem in the future.

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    I have no clue how to post links so sadly all i can say is please look st page 3 on this section this issue has been documented and theres a response from a mod seems supercell are aware of this issue so hopefully it will be sorted in time
    yes my english writing skills are rubbish and lacks punctuation i am very well aware of this so please keep all comments and pm clash related all i want to do is chat not be reminded how poor my education is thanks

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