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Thread: Are Bunny Derbies disadvantageous to certain Countries?

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    Are Bunny Derbies disadvantageous to certain Countries?

    Myself and many of my hoodies are fortunate to be in Europe. Bunnies come along at lunchtime on Tuesday and in the evenings on Wednesday and Friday which is all very nice and sociable.

    But it is not so easy for hoodies in other parts of the world such as Australia because they are usually sleeping when the bunnies show up, and the bunnies have been caught by the time they start their day. I am starting to detect that our Australian friends are starting to feel a bit left out of the Bunny Derbies because the Europeans are doing all of the bunny catching. Is anyone else noticing this problem?

    My suggested solution would be to introduce random times for the three bunnies which change for each Bunny Derby. That would be much fairer to the people in those parts of the world who are currently missing out on all the bunny activity. Any thoughts please?

    Yes we are a well organised hood that always catches our bunnies quickly, and I don't think the right answer is that we should make a point of slowing down. The Derby is competitive and we all want to finish before our opponents.

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    Easy answer would be not to take bunny task. Alternate non bunny task and bunny task instead to keep the bunny on race track.

    The more thought provoking answer would be why the European ones take all the bunny task needed? And why should a task be differentiated as bunny or non bunny if the result is the same for the hood: bunny caught.

    A beginning of an answer could be to let everyone contribute the way it works best for them, regardless it is a bunny task or not. I am sure you can do the math and find out how many non bunny task the hood can do.
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    I don't find completing a bunny task as being fun. It is a necessary thing to get all 3 bunnies and get the extra rewards. To me it is more of a nusicence. So your Australian hoodies are lucky that they don't have to deal with them.
    It is now known when the bunnies will show up so your hood can leave a couple of bunny task for them to ensure you all catch all 3.

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