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Thread: Sort clan by Town Hall

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    Red face Sort clan by Town Hall

    Would be nice in the list of clan members if we could click on something to sort the clan by Town Hall level. Maxed Town Halls would show before newly started TOwn hall. TH13 at top TH9 at bottom etc.

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    Yeah I think this is a good idea. There should be one section with the trophies and another with the town/builder hall.
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    I support this idea, but would add also being able to sort by donation numbers as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theoverkiller View Post
    extremely good idea . by the way i would also love a option of sorting th by war weight . cuz clans are usually for wars and not for trophies . trophies can only offer you clan point , which are only beneficial when you are at the world top ten
    Since SC have never released anything to do with war weight since it is used to game the MM, I would suggest that ordering by war weight makes gaming that much easier and should be a non-starter.
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