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    I see only 3 games to vote for. I do play CoC, even being active in Legend League and higher then the average. However, considering i see only 3 games there, my vote is possible only on these 3 games ?

    Just saying that id like to vote for another game. Not because i want to be annoying, but because it is my opinion and its just how i feel. Everyone with his own madness, i suppose. So we can vote only between the 3 games there ?

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    Two years ago, maybe even one year ago, I would have happily voted for CoC. Now, given the state of the game and its balance (or lack thereof, to be precise), I am sorry to say I do not care... Why don't you get the handful of players participating in the ESL CWL World Cup E-Sports qualifiers (or whatever this whole nonsense is called anyway) to vote for you?
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    Thanks for link and informing
    , thanks Adrian for pinning
    Coc is the best game in ESL or without ESL it is ✌👏🙌

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    placed my vote just now
    thanks for the info, op!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galactic123 View Post
    Thanks for link and informing
    , thanks Adrian for pinning
    Coc is the best game in ESL or without ESL it is ✌
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shivank380 View Post
    You can simply uncheck their send updates etc option while filling out your email. Even though I can't resist that much emails and I did the same thing to get rid of their mail subscriptions.
    Oh you poor naive soul.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaTroll View Post
    Oh you poor naive soul.
    Thanks mate, Cheers

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    at your base.
    CLash of Clans has become a part of my life for years now

    But, Sorry folks.. But, Nothing beats COD.. Hands down - the best game ever
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    Thanks for posting. Voted for Clash of Clans.
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