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Thread: Lettuce Turnip the Beat looking for several members to fill out ranks!

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    Lettuce Turnip the Beat looking for several members or MERGE

    Lettuce Turnip the Beat

    Tag: #909G9G2U

    Semi-serious casual competitive derby focus. **Tight-knit and reliable!**

    Looking for several members to bring heavy activity back to the hood. Helpfulness is very valued, and we are always kind


    🥕 Level 50+

    🥕 9 tasks 300+/400, 320 preferred.

    🥕 Opt out on weeks you feel you will not be able to make 9 tasks

    🥕10th task only necessary if you fail to complete your 9 required.

    🥕Our focus is remaining a **champion** neighbourhood, but top 3 is not insisted upon. We may occasionally take 10ths when pushing for top 3 spot, but it is not common.

    Chattiness varies, you may talk constantly, or stay quiet, it is up to you. This is not a new hood, but we have not focused on increasing member count until now.

    Feel free to ask questions, or simply apply in-game!
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    hello , i am a very dedicated , derby lover player who is on level 45. I am on hay day almost all day so Iím an active farmer , i love helping people and i love helping others grow , may you please think about letting me join ? i am also a very dedicated derby player and only do task above 320 and will purchase an extra task if necessary <3 i hope you consider me to join , if not please just let me know ! thank you

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    Bumping again!

    Come join us 💜

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    Bump bump bump

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