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Thread: ‼️ Mad Chickens is Recruiting ‼️ Competitive and Organized

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    ‼️ Mad Chickens is Recruiting ‼️ Competitive and Organized

    Mad Chickens is an international Champions League hood composed of competitive and organized derby players seeking top placement for every derby.

    Requirements : 📝

    Level 65+
    Must have great communication and coordination. (Through Discord)
    Be reliable and self motivated.
    320/400 10/19 (extra task always required)
    English speakers.
    Be able to handle game strategy and rules.
    Have an active town with at least 32 visitor capacity.
    Contribute on The Valley.
    Highly experienced derby player.
    Chatty and active
    Finish Derby in less than 3 days

    We are very friendly individuals with passion and drive. We took the best players from our old hood and formed a brand new one. We only want the most competitive farmers so we dont mind waiting for the right fit. One of our goals is to reach the Top 200 Champions League Leaderboard. Were strategists and TEAMWORK is everything in this hood.

    Apart from that, enjoy perks in our server such as daily giveaways and incentive prizes for top performers. 🥇

    🌟 In order to join Mad Chickens, you must first join our training camp and Champions League hood, MAF so that we can see how you derby.


    Do you fit all of the requirements and want to be a part of a winning team? If you answered yes ⬇️

    Feel free to message me on Discord so we can chat 📩
    GG (95)#6631
    Hay Day farm tag: YCRYQULP
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    * Bump*

    Still looking for motivated derby members who will add more fun to our neighborhood!

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    bump; still searching

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    Bump! Looking for COMPETITIVE players

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    Bump (: Competitive and with lots of passion

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    Bump! Still looking!

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    Bump! Still looking for the right fit players!

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    Daily bump!

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    Daily bump!

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    Daily bump!

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