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    Quote Originally Posted by Sjowhan View Post
    The Pass in January had one as well; as long as they are giving a deco plot each month, I will be happy .
    Interesting, I didnít get one in January but did this time. I started January at or near level 110. Iím level 112 now so I wonder if there is a level cutoff. The deco is not offered on my level 60 baby farm.
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    Thought Iíd update since I replied to this thread at the very beginning( under a different name ) but having just had one decoration for the longest time - I now have 10 !! 8 are fully upgraded, 2 are only partially upgraded- run out of blueprints & also green vouchers !!

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    After having 3 or more of each decoration, I just lost interest for them. I don't know if even new decorations would help. The whole update process is just so cumbersome as you don't really know what you are building and updates are irreversible. It was fun for a while though, so I'm not complaining. Now it's just kind of completed and time to move on.

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    I wish the top pass row wasn’t so pricy, I don’t know what the price is around the world, but 45 kroner is enough to buy me a full dinner meal from the local deli, I am not ever going to waste that much on pixels. I guess I just won’t ever get more decos, and they finally made some I like. Oh well. Congrats to all who are now getting the pretties.

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    I STILL have not received one. I’m the only neighbor in my hood who has not. Some have 7. I understand random, but I’m truly beginning to wonder if something is wrong with my game.
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