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    How much time

    Hi guys!! Can anyone tell me how much time it will take to max a CoC account from th1 to th13 max, if I play 30 mins a day
    And also which townhall level is best to start a CoC Youtube channel
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    I think may be 5 years but by that time there will be more levels. So basically it will take forever unless you buy the gold pass and gems etc.
    For youtube channel any level is alright as I think, as long as you have all levels of players with good attacks to record and put on youtube. Need not be your attacks alone I guess.

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    It's kind of hard to estimate when you put a limiter like 30 mins a day and there are many factors involved.

    However, I can tell you that I started my mini fresh some time in the beginning of 2018. The only times I spend money on that account was to get the initial extra builder and almost every single gold pass. It is now a few days off from being completely maxed (builder base, home base, all lab upgrades, all walls). I definitely put in way more than 30 minutes a day but it took me 2 and a half years to max out while always keeping the builders/lab upgrading the entire time.

    But yeah, 30 minutes a day is hard to quantify. Are you playing it continuously or popping in to raid every now and then? Nevertheless, 30 minutes isn't that much time to spend on clash at all and you might have trouble looting enough to keep your builders/lab busy all the time. IMO, you're probably looking at least 4-5 years, especially if you don't buy the gold pass every season.
    Well actually, it'll be less than that as new town halls will be released and getting to TH13 max will get shorter bit by bit. But you can probably bet on 4-5 years to get to the maximum town hall level since you are only putting in 30 minutes a day to play.

    As for the youtube channel, you can start as soon as you are knowledgeable enough in the game to put in content that is either super educational or super entertaining. Doesn't matter what town hall you are, but you need something to attract the viewers.

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    It will take 5-6 years if u play for only 30 minutes. But if you regularly buy gold pass than i can say it will take u 3 and half years i think. Th 9 is best townhall to start your youtube carrier
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    30 mins a day without any training boost will give you 1 attack a day. I don't know if you can actually progress, you will be attacked 1-2 times a day and with your full ish collectors you won't be gaining resources. Also if your not putting any effort into the game I don't know how much youtube content you think your going to have.

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    I think I saw a YouTuber do it in 30 minutes, but that was all level 1 buildings and troops, and a few gems were spent.
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    given the confines of your post....never....30 min a day.. time to train troops and spells...that leaves you with 1 attack per day...

    there were times in the good ole days of coc...that 400 to 500 ATTACKS per month were common...think players were more dedicated during that time...but now days may 40 to 50 ATTACKS a month are more common

    start a YouTube channel...anytime you feel you want to...
    if your youtube is to show your progression in coc from th 1 to th will have lots of competition....and you will see lots of dead YouTube links regarding coc short find better use of your time...
    this game is not what it used to be...

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    30 minutes will probably cut it up to TH8. Beyond that, there's just too much grinding to do. Even at the low end of TH9 you'll be waiting on heroes & you'll be struggling to keep up-to-date with the star bonus.

    That's before you even consider BB; which is worth working on to unlock gems.

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    This is not a game that you play 30 mins a day. Log in, attack, queue the next army, come back in an hour or so, repeat. Do this like 6-8 times a day and you'll probably unlock all the content in 3 years or so.

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