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Thread: In dire need of an active neighborhood

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    In dire need of an active neighborhood

    So I'm kind of alone in this game. My 16 yo son got me hooked on this in May, since all his class was overwhelmed with the coronavirus restrictions, and they played all the time. However the virus is not wide-spread in our country, and the kids (and apparently the other mums) didn't need that escape when summer break hit. The neighborhood basically died when school was out. I have tried to join random communities, but they're all really low energy. Will pick 320/400 tasks, if I join the derby (which i will most of the times do). Am literally on hours a day. Will always help out if possible, but mostly not use real money. Norwegian woman, if that is of any interest. My level is currently 41, but this is changing bidaily. Tag #PU2GG8UUP
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    Love to be ur neighbor, also needing friends

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    hey! you sound like a great fit, we have more older people but also young people in our nh. we are 28 strong! add me on hayday if you want an invite! )we try do do max tasks each derby whenever possible

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    Thanks guys

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    Puedes unirte a nuestro vecindario. No hay problema por el nivel ni la edad. Eso es irrelevante. Basicamente buscamos vecinos activos y aquienes les guste el derby. Date una vuelta y si te agrada puedes quedarte 😁

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    Look me up (ChickenSheep-lvl 86 and very active). Started new hood Armored Swine. Derby focused. Tired of dead hoods.

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    Hey feel free to join shetland shamrocks. We are an irish nh but anyone can join and you will be welcomed

    We are derby focused. We are only on the novice league as we are quite new but don’t be discouraged because we are making our way up through the leagues

    Alexx ☘️

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    Hi, we just started a new neighborhood and currently have two very active members, levels 59 and 63. We’re hoping to build a team that’s competitive in the derby and would love to have you join us. We’re currently in first place in our first derby and plan to keep moving up. (We were in a Champion League neighborhood prior to this). We’re very helpful to our fellow neighbors and both play several times per day.
    Here’s our neighborhood info:
    Name: Marigolds
    Tag: #YU82GQCC
    Emblem: Blue fish on a white background
    Minimum level: 45 (willing to adjust if you’re not there yet)
    Please consider joining us! 😊

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    Come look us up Big Hawke's Nest #PYCYPW09 or Lazy Farm to see me. We all try to play daily and work hard together. Come join the fun

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    Check us out @ Sartori Farm!

    You sound like you would be the perfect fit for my neighborhood! Most fall around your level and we take all nationalities! We play Derby and help each other with boat orders etc. It's really a fun place to be! But we are looking for more people so no member is playing solo if they need help on the spot. But we aren't clingy or bothersome. We let each other alone until you need help or some fun. But some of the players are just kids 13 and under so it's a fun place to be.
    Look up Sartori Farm!!

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