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    Post Idea to Prevent Clan Hoppers: Clan Hopper Badges

    Everyone hates clan hoppers, right? So I have quite the solution to that problem. I like to call them clan hopper badges and offenses.

    Why, because you can easily get tricked into letting a hopper in your clan because they can say that they are an active donator, or they can say that they are active in war but they really only join for a donation and they just leave and you would have just played yourself.

    So here is how this works, when a person is in a clan for less than 1 week they will get clan hopper badges on their profile (with the clan name and level as well). This will tell everyone else that they are hoppers and not to let them in or to kick them out right away if it is anyone can join. A player can have up to 3 clan hopper badges before getting actual penalties. These will be listed below the badges as offences in a number form and the 3 most recent badges will replace the old. Once they get their 1st-5th offence they cannot join a clan for 1 Day. 6th-10th offence cannot join a clan for 3 Days. 11th-15th offence cannot join a clan for a week. 16th+ offence cannot join a clan for the rest of the season. Just because they cannot join a clan doesn't mean that they can't create a clan, because they cannot hop their own clan. Clan badges and offences reset every season to give the player another chance.

    Why the clan badges on their profile? You might ask. Well, its because if you happen to see a clan hopper's profile you can see the clan that they hopped and then you might want to join that clan to fill in for the hopper because if you are desperate for at least 5 members in it to start clan wars you might say oh I can join this clan and stay for good so that we can start clan wars, or even preparing for clan games.

    Well, I hope that this idea can prevent clan hopping and make it easier for commonly hopped clans to stop getting hopped and to grow with more loyal members.
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    I think there is very little chance of SC putting anything negative on a player's profile, ESPECIALLY, when it often would be given to someone who didn't do anything negative in the first place if your idea was implemented.

    I've always wished clans could "ban" players from their clan and I even would like to see a player's profile show how many clans a player has been banned from, but I don't think there is much chance of SC adding that feature.

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    Nice. The poor low level guys trying to find a clan that will actually accept them and are decently active get branded with the scarlet letter. In addition, those in family clans that move between clans alot get nailed. All so you dont have to take a few minutes to check out new members. and many others are your friend.
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    You put s lot of thought into this. That's unfortunate as most will agree this is a bad idea. Myself included. So what if someone comes in, requests troops and leaves? That's part of the freedom of the game. If your idea was implemented, then supercell would surely lose players. And they will not risk that. Hoppers are thing. Sorry to say but get over it. It's not that big of a deal. Certainly not worth adding unnecessary coding and file space to the game.
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    The thing is, as 2222 said, SC will never put anything negative on anyone's profile.
    And there is a little problem. Some players sometimes just join clans to ask for troups and then leave. Well, their profile is gonna suck because of this lol. I think about new players, too.
    To be honest, I understand what an inconvenience having some hoppers in your clan can be, but maybe you should deal with it for a bit, and time passing, you'll find some loyal members.

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    So anyone that hops between sister clans will be marked. And those who joined a request and leave clan. I don't see this ever happening, as technically speaking, clan hopping isn't against the terms of service, so SC probably won't feel too much of a need to intervene. After all, it's not their fault if someone plays the game a certain way, and that you don't feel moved enough to check some stats on websites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VxV248 View Post
    Everyone hates clan hoppers, right?
    That assumption is incorrect.

    Furthermore 2222 raises a good point SC doesnít want to show things on peopleís profiles which can have a negative ring to it.

    Hopping also isnít always a bad thing by definition, some people bounce back and forth between a few clans, itís not uncommon and also not a bad thing, a player searching for a new clan takes some time to find a good clan between all the riff raff clans.

    Most people dislike hoppers more because itís fashionable then anything else.

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    Nope. I didn't even read your entire post (or any of the responses); no need. A badge with a negative connotation should never be displayed on anyone's profile.
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    No .

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    This would be a poor inclusion to the game:
    Think about how this would effect players involved in
    ⭐️ family clans who move about for donates to support their clans
    ⭐️ YouTube streamers who need to join clans for streaming
    ⭐️ Players who participate in event wars and move clans to join for those events

    Glad to know this will never be a thing.

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