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Thread: Clashers unite (#2y899u820) looking for clanmates

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    Cool Clashers unite (#2y899u820) looking for clanmates

    Clashers unite tag (#2y899u820) is looking for active clan mates that would participate in clan games, clan wars, and clan war leagues.
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    Op offering free co leader only attracts the timewasters and red warlogs if i was you i would take my time building the clan up and let players earn co leader then they will feel more invested in the clan more often then not free co players just want co so they can kick bases out and mess up the clan anyway not having a go at you just offering some advice
    yes my english writing skills are rubbish and lacks punctuation i am very well aware of this so please keep all comments and pm clash related all i want to do is chat not be reminded how poor my education is thanks

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