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    Tactics and Strategy sub-forum activity level

    Why is the tactics and strategy sub-forum so inactive? I find it a bit strange that there is so little discussion on the forum as a whole on tactics on strategy v when is the next update coming etc.

    Is it because those that are interested in tactics and strategy get the content elsewhere (eg youtube)?

    I can understand that people prefer to learn a strategy visually, but I would also like to read about it.

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    It's a valid question. Like you, I think it's an important topic.

    I think one of the factors is that many of the questions are either too general or too specific, so the answers may not be helpful to other players. For example a thread asking, "Should I rush to TH12 to donate siege machines?" will likely garner a lot of general, practical information, but it doesn't provide a lot of value for most players. Similarly, a thread asking "I can a level 2 wizard tower and a level 3 mortar. Which one should I upgrade?" will get specific information about which to upgrade, but again it doesn't provide a lot of value for most players. We don't get a lot of write ups about strategy that many players can apply.

    Another factor is that a lot of the really good strategy information requires visuals, so players create Youtube videos to showcase what they're talking about and how it works. If members want to share one of those videos here, they need to do so in Content Creation. There are a lot of videos and strategies posted there. I recommend checking them out.
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    You should check "Builder base." Pretty sure it's more inactive.

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    Yes sharky factor 2 for me. I need visuals

    although i do really appreciate when someone tests a specific game mechanism and posts the results

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