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Thread: Witch slap

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    Witch slap

    i am on th 9 and is practicising some armies that can give me 3 stars in war.

    I want to try witch slap but i am getting failed every time i did. Also there are various army composition for witch slap.

    According to you, which army composition is best suitable.?

    Should it be possible with queen walk?


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    Just naming some army won't help you; you need to visualise how that army works against defferent bases.
    So better wacth youtube content creators for th9 witchslap or watch
    other players attacks in game.

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    What are your hero levels and can u get bowlers or higher troops in cc ?

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    Space, obviously
    Check out the one in practice mode. Should help.

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    Witch slap is a great 3 star strategy, but high hero and high troop/spell levels are necessary to consistently get 3 stars with it.

    The version I did at TH9 is great 3 star success consisted of: 1 golem, 10 witches, 4 healers, 3 wiz, 2 archers, 2 jump, 1 rage, and 1 heal, 1 poison, with bowlers and freeze in CC (max level if you can get them).

    Deployment is 5 witches and 2 healers in each corner of the side your attacking from. These are your funnel troops. The kill squad (KS) is the rest of your troops. Deploy the golem in the center of the side your attacking from. Drop the wiz slightly spread out behind the golem. Then drop the king the queen and the bowlers behind the golem. For spells, use the 1st jump to get the KS past the 1st wall. Then use the rage once inside the wall. Should usually be encountering the enemy CC about then so the rage will help take them out. Also use the poison on the cc troops. Then use the heal you get close to the core and the 2nd jump to get into the core. Use the hero abilities when necessary. I deploy my troops fairly quickly as my goal is to over run the defenses (speed kills).

    This is just a brief outline to the attack on a "normal base". There is a lot of details that can make the difference between a 2 star and a 3 star. Also I do tweak the comps and deployments on occasion depending on the base layout. There are many good vids out that will help you master this version. Once I had all my troops maxed and my heroes past 25, I 3 starred every TH9 base unless I made a mistake.

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