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    “ what I learned, I’m honestly not willing to do”.

    i totally agreed with this.... my clanmates used to say I am taking the game too seriously in the past and I would like to say I am totally nothing as compared to these folks.

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    The problem is, from the outside, you can't differentiate them from the cheaters.

    And I'm guessing, at that high win streak, there are a lot more cheater clans than the real deal; they get overshadowed.

    Similar to your lv 500 example, there are probably more people using automation apps to get that high level than the real deal that gets there by donating.
    But fortunately, in the case of high level, we can tell with 99% probability on who's the cheater..

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    Quote Originally Posted by dumbndumber View Post
    Im saying I’ve seen it first hand...the effort that goes into being that good. And it wasn’t cheating. It was effort. WAY more effort than most people are willing to put in. Myself included.

    the duck might not be cheating, the duck just wants it more.

    just a thought.
    I agree with you that such cases might not be always cheating, it could be just a lot of hard work.

    As you said, usually Clans with more than 100 war win streak, they included weak TH5-TH7 bases in their line ups so overall their war weight decrease, so at higher bases they could most of the time facing weaker bases on their mirror. I know it is still difficult to 3 star most of the war bases they face, but it's slightly easier when they engineer their clan war weight in order to gain advantage. And yes, it still need a lot of effort to do so (practice, fc, update recent internet war bases as options to practice, etc.). It shows a lot of commitment and hard work.

    But at equal weight, if they could still 3 star most of the war bases, say they war 15v15 with full max TH13 all the time, and with 100 war win streak, then I don't think that's possible even with hard work. There are war bases that you just can't 3 star even if you have the best skills and players in the world, and you put in hard work. So it's pretty natural for normal people to think that it is cheating when they saw clans like that.
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    Neither you play with matching or cheat outside the games
    That's normal when you keep streak going

    There's no way you can keep the streak with equal opponent... Sooner or later it'll broke

    So .. regular war for me just a filler between leagues
    Not excited anymore especially with 2 hits

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    Everyone sees the result but barely someone sees the effort they do for that result
    Glad yoy saw the effort they did behind the scenes to reach that lvl

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    1 Starring bases in CWL.
    Quote Originally Posted by Piper139 View Post
    My bad. Maybe should read the whole thing before posting. amazes me the lengths people will go to in a mobile game.
    I find it amazing too.
    It also amazes me to see people spending so much time on a forum of a mobile game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dumbndumber View Post
    Gonna be a long read, but thereís a thread going on in the forum where some clans are being accused of cheating in wars. I donít have evidence to verify or disprove. All I can do is relate my experience.

    Iím maxed th13 with 3500 war stars so I get a lot of invites to join clans. Last year I took a clan up on it when I saw that they had like a 100 win streak in hand so I wanted to see what they were doing and what I could learn from them. (Wonít name and shame, even though thereís nothing shameful about their practices). I stayed for 4 reg wars, and one cwl.

    Ill list the things they did every war to boost their chances.
    1) their top 10 bases were held by 3 guys, and me. So the 3 guys had 9 bases. All Th13s and all killers when it came to war.
    2) in any war, the leaders assigned bases to hit, no exceptions. If u deviated from the assignment, you got booted, no questions asked. They had a win streak they werent willing to mess with it. I hit whatever base they told me.
    3) never ending friendly challenges. Those 9 bases had a total of 54 war base layouts (9 bases x6 layouts. no duplicates) so in any particular war, they either had the exact base, or one very similar to it. So they practiced over and over again until it was 3 starred easily. Before I could do my war attack, I had to show them I could 3 star a base at least 3 times in a row in practice. In the cwl, I was tasked with hitting the opponents #1 base each time. I got 20 out of 21 a 99%). So they took 0 chances with any war attack.
    4) if in the off chance the opposition had a base none of them had, the leader scoured youtube to find an attack that matched it. Iím not kidding. Then he would tell you the YouTube video to watch and learn.
    5) sometimes used ďzombie basesĒ. They had 5 dead bases still in their clan...all th7 or lower. Sometimes they brought those 5 bases to 20 or 25 base war to lower the overall war weight. It usually resulted in lower bases from the opponents as well. So our base 15 would easily 3 star their 19 and 20. 14 would hit 18,17 etc. this means the higher bases could also drop down and hit th12s or weaker th13s for easier hits.
    6) that was just the top 3 guys...the lower bases were just as committed.

    they were relentless and took it very seriously. They won almost 100% of their wars. During my time there, they never lost. I was impressed.

    when I got back to my old clan, they asked me what I learned...and I said ď what I learned, Iím honestly not willing to doĒ. It was ALOT of effort. Iím just way too lazy for all of that.

    So, maybe if your clan gets squished and gets 3 starred on every single might not be cheating. It could be you just got outworked by a clan that takes it very seriously.

    Thanks for your time. Clash on!
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    I used to be that dedicated but then reality set in.. you can only function like that for so long and then you burn out and break your $700 iPad or 6 of them.. and then it is time to pull back and remember this is supposed to be fun..
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    i am the op of the previous post and i agree with this..

    my case was totally different from yours i had caught their chats (i have screenshots)
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    If that's cheating then I guess...
    Olympic athletes shouldn't practice.
    All major sports team shouldn't scout opponents with spy's, practice against Thier way of playing etc.
    Our militaries should stop war games, spying, espionage and cyber sabotage...
    Cheating is being underhand or using subroutines to gain an unfair advantage. Everyone has access to what those guys do.

    Some of us just have lives. If they devote that much too it let them have it.
    It's also how a lot of other top raiding teams in MMOs etc go down.

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