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Thread: TH13 and 2 TH11's looking for a new clan.

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    Hi there! Welcome to Arrow/Faith 3-7! #28Y08Y909. We're a Level 9 semi-serious and social war clan currently looking for active players like you who love to war, chat, and are looking for a new clan to call home. Why don't you keep on reading to learn what we're all about!

    What We Offer:
    ⫸Exciting back to back wars where all members can show off their attacking skills.
    ⫸Step by step walk-throughs on the latest attack strategies.
    ⫸Fun and recurring 'clan events' to keep the game fresh and exciting!
    ⫸Advice on the strongest troop combinations for regular and war attacks.
    ⫸Great conversations with other players to get to know them better and make personal connections. We don't only talk about the game in clan chat!

    Who We're Looking For:
    ☬Players town hall 10+ willing to war regularly.
    ☬Non-rushed players with no war timers.
    ☬Must be fluent in English. It just makes communication easier!
    ☬Active talkers and donators who are serious about war but like to have fun. It makes us more active and shows that we support each other slight_smile
    ☬Hungry learners and experienced players looking to improve their clashing skills while helping promote the growth of the clan!

    Clan Rules:
    ☬Members should be active on clan chat/discord. Where's the fun if we can't get to know each other and make connections?
    ☬Always read your clan mail! This is where cool facts/jokes are sent out and where the war strategy is given. I told you we're a fun bunch!
    ☬No clan hopping is allowed. We need loyal and active members who are here to stay.
    ☬ friendly, respectful, and mature!

    War Rules:
    ☬Always make both war attacks and follow the war strategy.
    ☬Always plan your attacks using the war channels in our Discord.
    ☬Always opt out of war if heroes are down.

    Well now I can't wait to join! How can I apply?
    ☬Please join our server: Expect a short interview upon joining.

    Hope to see you soon!

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    Jul 2020
    I Personally live in NY, but clan is based in the USA

    Cool Deluded

    We aren't the best clan, but we from the deluded family have open arms for you, view us through
    the link from your mobile device
    2) 2PYV09G9U
    Our clan tag, looking foward to seeing you

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    Pittsburgh APEX
    Pittsburgh APEX #98CCCL9R is a level 20 clan with 599 wins. We are looking for non rushed th 11 and up for war. Must be active. Accepting yinzers but no jagoffs please (if you know what that means check us out ) 😜. Mention forums or pgh Chris. Generic requests will be denied. We cwl with 30 in masters 2. Need to be th 12 or higher for cwl.

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    Feb 2015

    47 wins 3 loss in over 6 months 84% win ratio! Highest win streak 49!

    Serious B2B War Clan for 3 Star focused clashers
    SC CWL Champs 3
    Level 18, Adults 18+
    Team Orientated Atmosphere
    Highly active and organised
    Members of PFF Family with 12 clans!
    Leagues and events available!

    TH11 (45/45/10)+
    TH12 (55/55/25)+
    TH13 (65/65/40/5)+
    No Rushed bases, engineered or .5

    Friendly challenges required upon joining.

    Join us on Discord to find out more!


    Check Us Out HERE or Facebook, Discord, YouTube and Twitter

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    Jul 2020
    Ash's Side��
    Name: Game of Thrones
    Level 12 clan, with a war Streak of 11!

    Clan Origin India

    We are STRICTLY Looking for maxed or near Maxed Town Hall 13's Only

    We are Active 24/7, Maxed donations All available, Highly TALKATIVE CLAN. And yes, Mark my words, this is NOT in any Form a Hypocrisy. You may join and see for yourself, that yes, it is what I say it is.

    Crystal League I


    Back to Back wars

    Intrested Players May DM me
    Or Join Our discord Server:

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    ⚔️ Welcome to Dark Destroyers! ⚔️

    💥 #QQC998LP

    💥Level 17 clan

    💥CWL Master3

    💥We war B2B

    💥UK🇬🇧USA🇺🇸English speaking Adults

    💥No drama 😏 No criticism

    💥Loads of friendly challenges/advice available if wanted

    💥We max games every time(within a day)

    👀 Looking for....👀

    💥Active members


    💥Non rushed

    💥English speaking adults 🔞

    Clan Rules...

    ✅Always use both attacks in war

    ✅Opt out if you are going to be busy for war

    ✅No heroes - No war

    ✅Th9s & 10s to use attacks within 12 hours

    ✅Donate troops when you can

    ✅Donate whatís requested

    ✅No criticising clan mates attacks and ability

    ✅Only offer advice when itís asked for

    ✅Promotions are earned by following above rules, donít ask

    ✅Everyone expected to participate in clan games

    ✅New members should be aiming for at least 2k games points.

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    Join the EYG Family discord, say you're looking for crownedeagles and that Minipanda00 sent you from the forums:

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