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Thread: sell box for neigbors

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    sell box for neigbors

    i think we need a sale box for our neighbors, as we sell things cheap to each other,
    then some random player snatches it up, and gets a massive bargain.

    placed 10 mallets up for sale, for my neighbor to get, and she didnt have enough space in her barn to buy it,
    the random player got it, even tho i havent placed ad, nor was it someone that was on my followers list.

    no, i dont mean the donation system. want to trade expansion tools with my neighbors, but not at full cost as they struggle to get coin.

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    A sell box on our stall is a good idea i suggested this very idea a while back in fact i took the idea a little further as my other frustration is requesting help in the paper and someone comes along buys whats on sale and gives no help so having a box were only our hoodmates can buy from or farmers who give help first would get a big thumbs up from me
    yes my english writing skills are rubbish and lacks punctuation i am very well aware of this so please keep all comments and pm clash related all i want to do is chat not be reminded how poor my education is thanks

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    Yes! I also think we need this in the game!

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    I thought this was suggested a while ago.
    I would like it, but maybe this can help a lot:
    - remove all your followers
    - don’t help anyone, except your neighbours
    - remove all people from your friend list, except your neighbours

    Some of my accounts do it this way, so no strangers can buy stuff that was meant for my neighbours.
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    I agree, wynand235, this is a small change that would have a huge benefit to players. Some items can be requested through the neighborhood request box though, which is a donation and helps a lot. But your idea would be a great way to help young farms without a major change overall. So many posts ask to make it easier to level up, while many of us had to slowly level up over time (Years) and hope for the items you need in the newspaper...

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    I would also like a safe space to sell items between my farms. Where friends & neighbors can't see. No stress of losing something you didn't intend to sell publicly. Also I wouldn't have to worry about buying something from a neighbor, that they were trading to their other farm.
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    Under consideration.

    No immediate plans, but maybe someday
    Special RSS bin for NH use only or locked shop for NH only

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    Yep. Ive thought about this too

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