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Thread: I知 looking for a NH.

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    I知 looking for a NH.

    I知 new to the game. I would love to find friends to help and to be able to get help. Thanks!

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    What痴 your farm level and tag?

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    Champion's league derby with no expectations just do your best, currently only at 8 members and looking to add more active members

    NH NAME: Squatch Farms

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    Look me up (ChickenSheep). Just started a new hood Armored Swine

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    Hey feel free to join shetland shamrocks. We are an Irish nh but anyone who joins is welcomed

    We are currently in the novice league but we are making our way up through the ranks. We may only be a relatively new hood but we are helpful and friendly.

    Alexx ☘️

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