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    Clan recruitment

    Been a quiet period where SC didnt say anything about the recruitment tool. Well, its still bad and not working. Havent recruited 1 single member in 3 months or more, on a new clan where i joined. Cause my previous one died completly, outcome of the recruitment tool.

    If people dont talk about it it doesnt mean they are fine with it. Its just that manny got tired of making same post again and again without any succes.

    I do understand SC preety much just blew it up with the execution of the recruitment tool and dont wanna say much about it. But ignoring the problem is worse.


    Just raising the atention, again. Recruitment tool is killing clans, not helping them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dpgza View Post
    Just raising the atention, again. Recruitment tool is killing clans, not helping them.
    That's a pretty bold statement to say that the "tool is killing clans." Seriously? It's actually killing them? Clans were able to recruit and build themselves up to successful entities without ever having a tool or without ever using the wasteland that was global chat.

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    So balance is bad.
    Filling war ccs is too much trouble.
    And recruiting tool is bad.

    Anything else you want to add?

    I do agree on the last. But I never expected otherwise. Haven't used it. Never used global.
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    My previous clan lost few members, they stoped playing. Others left. Meanwhile no recruiting. We became a smaller clan, so more got tired of it. Meanwhile, still no recruiting. Less and less people, till it died.

    If there were just a few members, from global, it would of been different. So yes, it killed my old clan.

    Im not asking for global chat at all. Just a way to recruit properly. A better way. Its a fail project the tool, but not doing anything more about it its awfull.
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    I think there is a bit of exaggeration on the effect of bad recruitment tool on clan's survival.

    If your clan dies, it more likely because of your clan doesn't have enough existing active members, not new recruits.
    Normally a clan should have at least 15 active members (that's what the CWL and CG requires) to be an active and healthy clan. If your clan have less than 15 active members, chances are your clan won't survive in the long term.

    Then come the recruitment, it's good to add new recruits to your clan so that your active members remains at at least 15 when some of them stop playing. But you can't be recruiting more than your current existing active members. If you say bad recruitment tool is main cause of your clan dying, then too bad because even if we have better recruitment tool your clan would still be dying due to not enough existing active members.
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    I don't expect in-game recruitment to get much better.

    Your best best to recruit should be forums, reddit and discord(especially discord).

    Discord servers like /r/clashofclans which has over 60k members, have tons of players looking for clans everyday.Recruiting through there will help you a lot.
    Then there's other discord server of Content Creators like Carbonfin,iTuz, Eric etc which allows recruiting.
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    Did you try the tool recently?
    I am actively recruiting using the COC tool and it is working fine for me. I submit about ten invites a day and get one or two to visit. Some stay. Over a period of two months I grew from 10 members to 30.

    The recruitment tool was discussed many times and I do not remember who said it, but the statement was that recruiting is competitive. Advanced players have many options...

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    My honest opinion: I think SC knows they screwed up big time when they launched the recruitment tool due to it being basically unfinished and hardly, if at all, tested.

    There have been tons and tons of suggestions for ways to improve it, but SC has yet to do so?
    This leaves us with two questions: 1) Why? And 2) What might they be doing?

    To answer the first question: who knows "why" other than the developers?
    For the second question: my opinion: I think SC is working on improving the recruitment tool, but they don't want to rush these improvements as they did with the launch of the recruitment tool.
    B/c they want to avoid the same mistakes (and quite possibly new ones), they are taking their time to ensure the quality of the improvements before implementing them.

    That, of course, is my opinion.
    I've only played around with the recruitment tool and it has only brought up what appears to be mostly inactive bases (not really helpful when looking for active players).
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    Arguments Will Go day and Nights..But On Serious Note NEW RECRUITMENT TOOL IS NOT That Good as it Should be..but i hardly believe Any Major Improvement coming in nearby future..Only way to recruit Player in game is that tool but way behind From expected results..

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    I prefer to be quiet in this topic as it reminds me of my sad story which i think i shared on "clan talk" forum.
    Conclusion was in game recruiting is dead and even high clans can become dead because of that.

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