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Thread: Help in making a decent discord server

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    Help in making a decent discord server

    I have recently made a discord server for my clan.... However, i have the least bit clue on what im doing 😂. Anyone have any tips for making a good server?! What bots? Etc??

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    Look for guides in YouTube. They might help.
    When I started using it , it seemed complex to me but eventually I got acquainted with stuffs , took help of my friend who had a server of his own.

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    If you guys like to war then the minion bot is very helpful. We also use the dank memer, box bot, and gambling bot for fun too! I would also suggest having a welcome channel for new members who join and a rules channel so all members know what is expected of them. It really just depends on what you want for your server so also look at some guides for basic tips. Hope this helps and good luck!

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    i will make a server for you for free add me

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    For starters watch this vid.

    Once you are aquainted with discord. You can try using a server template to copy a server.
    Join subreddit discord. You will learn a lot there too.
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