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Thread: Level 89, looking for a Christian Neighborhood

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    Level 89, looking for a Christian Neighborhood

    Level 89, looking for an active Christian Neighborhood. Thanks


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    Hello! I have a new neighbourhood you may be interested in joining.

    Neighbourhood name:Neverland
    Neighbourhood icon: Green 'flower shaped' circle with a turquoise pirate ship steering wheel (helm).
    Language: English
    Minimum level: 45

    A place where all the misfit / random farmers can come together to trade, help out, participate in the main event derby's, and most importantly have fun!

    Trading rules: If you request items through the neighbourhood please be considerate and help others out too. If you are seen to not be helping others and only requesting items consistently you will be kicked out.

    Derby rules: If you can participate in the derby it would be fantastic! Tasks are 320 (all tasks below this number will be filtered out). We ask that if its a big derby event that everyone joins. No biggie if you can't participate all the time in regular derby's. Just opt out if you can't.

    If you can't find the neighbourhood name just add me as a friend and I'll accept. I do randomly put things in my shop without ads to give my friends / neighbourhood partners a chance to purchase first.
    GC: Courtzybear

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    A little info about our hood

    We are known as "ALMOST A HOOD" English Speaking

    LEVEL 86 plus! 320/400 point derby tasks! TAG#PLY8P099
    Gold -35, Silver-26, Bronze-13
    We are committed to completing an extra task for all derbies.

    We support all Farmers in our hood to upgrade silo, barn, personal town train and the express train, including your visitors to all buildings.


    Upbeat, helpful, committed to team work!

    Give it a go, come on over!


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    Amarillo by Mornin’
    Come join us #990jqv9p

    We are a balanced , friendly, semi-competitive neighborhood. We compete to win for a couple of weeks. Afterwards we play in derby to earn just enough points to get the derby awards (minus those awarded to the top 3 neighborhoods). Called “horseshoe weeks” this more laid-back approach allows us a bit of a break since our goal generally requires fewer tasks. In all cases we only complete tasks at 300+ points (elders trash tasks under 300). Weeks when you feel like you cannot complete your quota of tasks we allow and encourage you to opt-out of the derby.

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    🦋Spirit’s Peace is once again expanding!!! Our main hood is 🏅Championship league. We always place in the top 3! Currently 206 on the leaderboard! We currently have 26 active members and are looking for more! We are extremely competitive and have fun while we win.We are a friendly,helpful international team. We all work together to achieve our common goals.
    🤔Requirements are;
    📈Must be level 76.
    ✅We require all tasks!
    ☑️320/400/10 every week.
    💬Communication is key!
    🏃🏽♥♂️Looking for fast finishers!
    🗺️. We are also a Valley hood. We hit all the chicken/animal requirements and are always on the lookout to repair others trucks.

    If you are levels 40-75, looking to level up and be a part of a great team we also offer-

    🐣Spirit’s Peace Annex
    This🏅 championship league hood derbies in the same manner as the main hood. Always places in the top 3! Currently leaderboard bound! It’s also where some of our main members keep their baby farms. It’s extremely active. Some farms may be called up from time to time to help in the main hood! Currently have 19 active members and looking for more!

    💻 Must join our discord server. It has members from both hoods so you have double the amount of help if needed with tasks!

    If you are interested shoot me a DM! 📫 If you are motivated to win we would love to have you!
    Leader Spirit’s Peace
    Competitve Champion League
    Now accepting new members​

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    Look me up (ChickenSheep-lvl 86 and very active). Founder of Christian Adult. Just opened new derby hood-Armored Swine.

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