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    Font in CoC

    Can anyone tell me which font is used for writing in Clash Of Clans

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    I guess noone can tell it other then the developers themselves. But whatever it is. Its very attractive 😁

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    The CoC font is a custom font.

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    I find it very hard to distinguish U from V in the font, so not a big fan personally.

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    You can search it up on Google. The one I have installed on the PC is called "Supercell Magic".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clash12344321 View Post
    You can search it up on Google. The one I have installed on the PC is called "Supercell Magic".
    The font we use internally was custom created. The Supercell Magic font is a close approximation but not exact. Fonts are a strange thing to study, and custom ones like the Clash font tend to be trademarked and/or copyrighted so other companies don't use it. That's why the Supercell Magic font is not an exact match.
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    The font doesn’t seem attractive to me . BTW Italics are my favourite ones.

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