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    I did the same thing for a donation account a couple of years ago, sometime not to long after sieges were announced. I upgraded signature defs like ITs, Xbows when I had the extra gold, and ended up pretty quickly with a TH12 donation acct with level 1 walls, lol, and a few strong defs here and there. Today, it’s a well progressed TH13 holding its own at around 5300 legends, mid level defenses, about to finish white walls, and a great cwl asset.

    Point being if you think you’ll eventually want to progress it after getting it to siege level, don’t completely sit on your gold. Also, using some excess gold strategically (on ITs, Xbows) makes your base harder to hit and gets you upgraded faster.

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    After CC and Mine/Storage upgrades, I did walls when builders were free, or quick defenses only if I had spare builders between elixir upgrades. Have fun, it's a long road that's quite painful early on.
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    I rushed my max8 donation account to 12 for Workshop - max storages, max collectors and hoard the gold for next TH when you'll need it again. I don't recall having excess before I moved up but I didn't do many attacks to get resources outside of what was immediately neccesary to progress.

    A year later it still looks like an 8 in many ways (especially walls) but 20k worth of donations is an average month.

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    It is ok to leave everything at lvl 1, don't worry too much about that excess gold.

    I did something similar with one of my engineers as an exercise in estimating war weight. Weighed more than I expected. But less than most forumites claim it should.

    Defense weight should come in above a a well developed 11, below any 12. Offense weight can be kept low by not upgrading troops and using power potions.
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    Thankyou all for your awesome feedback, surprised to see so many people making donation accounts!

    As a clan leader but only TH11, its painful not having sieges for war attacks!

    I will pile gold into walls and the expensive (and tactical) defence upgrades.

    As much as the novelty of everything level 1 would be cool, there's clearly no point in it and as pointed out, I will be sat with builders spare whilst my farming troops are upgrading.

    Thanks for all your help the forums really are a beautiful thing xD

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    Walls, walls, walls. It's a pretty thing to see horrible defenses with nice looking walls, it scares opponents away too. Best of luck
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    1 dont waste the gold, spend it on something

    2 i would initially max all my hidden defences, traps and teslas, just for the fun of watching replays of people hitting an almost "defenceless base" and being surprised.

    i think it was at clashcon that there was a SC vs youtuber war and one of the developers used a defenceless base with 100+ skel traps. Made for fun viewing
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