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    Grind walls like everyone else had to, BUD!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2222 View Post
    Yes, if you leave them to the end and then have to "grind" them. If you work on them along the way, they are not. Walls take zero time to build, actually, so the only "time" is loot and loot is plentiful. Try keeping a builder free for walls at the start of a new hall and then eventually transition over to having all builders busy but dump extra loot into walls each time a builder comes free. There is no reason that you have to have walls be the last thing done on your base. The lab is generally more time consuming.
    Totally agree

    i have never farmed for walls and yet my walls are almost max.

    my farming theory has always been to concentrate on DE and the gold and elixr that comes with it seems to be enough for lab, buildings and walls

    the only exception i make is just after upgrading to a new TH level when i focus on elixir for lab, camps, barracks, factories

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