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    I actually kinda like it. I was doing a truck task, and it was easy to differentiate between the two.

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    I like the idea but I'm with meon. It could also be optional. Or at least disappear when the last treshold is reached.

    Not a fan of the bar colour either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anoush View Post
    Hi. I suddenly have a blue tag to the right of my screen that says 1/4. I have no idea what it is

    Its linked to the global event it now appears on our screens instead of having to check the board all the time
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    The Supply Shortage box should be optional. On my Samsung S2 the screen gets burnt after a period of time. I have already Hay Day screen burns in four corners and middle top and middle left from extensive play over the years.

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    Thank you

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    I’m really pleased with it. I do agree that it should be optional. Especially now since I’m done with it; it would be better to turn it off.

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    Perfect example of how it is impossible to please everyone .

    I just feel bad for my screenshots I regularly take and the clutter this new blue bar adds to the screen.

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    Awfull and instrusive, speacialy on smaller screens.
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    I like it, and the blue makes it stand out. Saves having to stop what you’re doing to go back to the event board, then back to the truck board, multiple times. I really found it convenient.

    But yes, I did all 50 trucks and aside from occasionally checking the global board, I do wonder why it’s still up there, lol.

    Perhaps they could do what Clash does and have it pop up for...Idk, thirty seconds or so?
    It’d be nice to see when I log in, and again after each truck, just as a reminder.

    Thanks TerM!

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    Do we need the blue Event Banner?

    This week has seen the addition of a blue banner on the right of the screen showing how many trucks we have done for the truck event. Fine, but does it need to be there all the time? It serves a purpose, but if you only have a small phone screen it does get in the way a bit. It might be better if it only appeared whilst we were doing some trucks, or better still could we have the option to turn it off please? Does anyone else have any thoughts as to whether this banner adds or detracts please.

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