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    In my opinion we don't need an event banner. If you want to check how many trucks, boats etc... you still have to do for the Event, you can go to the Event Board to check it. It's very annoying especially if you play on a small screen. The option to turn it off would be nice!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Momscar View Post
    There is now a counter on a blue tab at the top right corner of the screen.

    It shows the # you have completed and what the next threshold is.

    Itís a nice QOL addition! Thanks Team HayDay   
    I've just found another nice little improvement. If you are working on a basket task, you can now see your progress by holding down on the task banner. It now shows how many of each component you have completed, in the format of (for example) 3/13. There's no longer a need to return to the Derby board for this information.

    QOL improvement!

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    I think the banner isn't really necessary. I'd like the option to disable it or to have it appear for only 1 minute after contributing to global event

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    I did not participate in the last week’s truck event, but now I see the new blue banner during the current global fishing event. Noticed since the summer update it wasn’t that easy to swipe and pan around on the farm anymore. Many times when I swiped on my phone nothing happened. It was always when I started my swipe near the far R side of the screen (below the button for vouchers/above the button to change farm layout/friends button). This is where the new blue banner for global events is. I wonder since introducing this new banner, if it has created a “dead spot” on the screen now.
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    I certainly feel for those that are playing on a phone of any size. If my device wasn’t a 12” tablet, I’d probably be bothered too, as old eyes and small screens don’t mix very well.

    Let’s hope that since this is a new ‘improvement’ that maybe it will be modified to disappear either when not actively working on the event or a switch in advanced settings that allow the player to turn it off.
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    I'm ok with it. Useful, barely intrusive, the colour scheme is soothing. Could be 50% smaller since the text covers only a tiny part of it. My brain is just filtering it out. Hits the same blind eye as the diamond offers.
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    I don't like it, because it's one more thing on my phone screen that's in a fixed position. I already have shadows burned into my screen from the level bar, and yellow dot buttons. Also don't like it taking up room on my already small viewing screen. Would like an option to hide fixed icons, to avoid shadows from getting worse.

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    It would be good if the new counter vanished once you complete the maximum score on it.

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    I do not like the blue banner. To me it is unnecessary. If you are doing an event you will know when you reach a milestone because it will come on the screen and tell you. You can always check the event board for your progress.
    On a phone it takes up space which I prefer to have to see my farm.
    Then having it still up after completing my event goal was like a slap in the face.

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