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Thread: Problem with derby opt-in

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    Problem with derby opt-in

    Our neighborhood has a farm that keeps getting opted into the derby each week but do not want to play derby. I know the farmer IRL and know they are not opting back in after we remove them just for free rewards.

    Leader, co-leader, and user have all opted the farm out. We can see on Monday around 8-12 hours before next derby starts that the farm is indeed opted out. No one changes anything (small hood, easily verified), but when we wake up the next morning the farm is now back in the derby!

    This farm that keeps getting put in the derby is a friend IRL so we don't want to kick them from the hood. However this farm is too low level to help with the derby, so we end up getting demoted every time this glitch happens. Please fix SC!

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    Happens to us as well, far too often. It's highly frustrating.
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