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    I use my RSS to hold items for my neighborhood members when I have what they need. When you get a task to help other people, you canít do that without giving them a link to your farm and the stuff you put on at your neighborís request. Then they lose the items, which could be expansion or building stuff that is harder to get or find. Even when we help each other with truck order supplies, it just ruins it. The other day I needed two bolts (or supplies like that, idr which for sure) and they got put on but were gone before I could get them. If we can force an unfollow, we should be able to toggle their seeing our farm off too. Sorry to sound ranty.

    Just saying, there should be a toggle in case we are waiting for a member to get on and get the stuff before we put ads on and we donít want someone else to take it.

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    My idea was that we have boxes in our shop that are only for our hood.

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