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    We don't know where the road between Clan Games and Super Troops has gone. But to think of something exceptional. The clash of clans is reminiscent of many earlier war battles. And then there was a part called face-to-face war so that before the war between the two sides started, two people from both sides would fight face to face first and then the main war would start. So that road will take you to a place where two or more players can fight directly before, just like you can play in free fire, pubg. As a supporter on behalf of a clash of clans, many people will pay attention to the coc game from free fire amd pubg. Because, I saw a lot of players who gave up coc after free fire, pubg came. I am very interested to know how everyone is thinking about the idea or what everyone is thinking about that supercell😍

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    If I wanted to play that style of games, I would play those games. I don't.
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    Those are 'FPS' and 'Battle Royale' games, CoC is a 'strategy' game. See the difference? Let the devs have it maintained too

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    Not sure why, but I hate those kind of games completely. The only games I play are Clash of Clans and some aviation simulators :-)

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    The road leads to other people's villages; hence why when you donate troops that's the path they take to go there.

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    Imo it is not good to compare the FPS and battle royale games with any classic strategical game like COC . After all they are originating from different genres.

    Look I have been playing Warzone , Battlefield, Valorant , Csgo and a few FPS games for last 4 or 5 years side by side playing COC for approximately 7 years but never felt the need of making an equivalence between these games. In fact they have flown in two different streams since their birth , right?

    And speaking about catching the attention of former clashers who are playing pubg , no need to make the pubg contents rule inside COC. But I doubt about the info you gave . Is it really true that pubg and free fire is the cause of clashers leaving COC ? I don't think so. There might be some other reasons.( Correct me if I am wrong) Maybe you heard rumors.

    I remember a few threads where the comparison between pubg and COC ran for weeks and even the OPs borrowed some features from those games to be implemented in COC. From it what I recall is , 99% people were against it i.e maximum members aren't interested in this.
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