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    Who all wants this in th14

    This is my pure imagination and i would be happy if that happens. I think lower th peeps may disagree after reading this but i want them to take it lightly

    DEFENCES : defence should be too strong such that even max th13 army should struggle to get 1 star and other lower armies could just get 0 stars with low destruction. This could be done by making current max level defences damage and hp double or even triple in next levels Or simply introducing a brand new very strong defence.

    ARMY : There should be a new troop whose spamming can easily crush even max th13 and below, though skills are required to tackle th14 as defence above mentioned is too strong. Eg: electro when becomes available at th11 can crush any th below th11 easily, similarly that new troop shoud be able to crush any th13 and below easily.
    Other troops hp and damage should be double or triple in next levels to balance def as def is too strong of th14.

    SPELL : There should be a new spell not dark spell but a spell in spell factory having space of 4 or 5 but should have a huge impact on attacks. In other words that spell should be too op.

    I hope you all will enjoy if that happens.
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    Not at all

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    Really? That'd be so awful

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    I don't want

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    NO from me

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    Big no for me

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    Can you all tell why no ? Or you all are lower th peeps :/
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    Part of the game balance is having 1 TH level lower offense able to at least 2 star the defense at higher TH level. The game balance for TH14 as OP propose may be fine, but not so or TH13 or new TH14 players since they will struggle offensively and defensively. So a NO.

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    Usually they make upgrading the hall a gentle integration process..
    It would be terrible if all of a sudden, clan wars had to be suspended for weeks whilst th14 accounts were brought up to scratch.
    The game would be so out of balance

    If they made the overpowering nature of the new hall as all conquering as the edrag v th10 tho, that wouldnt be so bad..
    Twice this cwl season, our 10 at the bottom of the roster held out vs edrags.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExploringGalaxy View Post
    Can you all tell why no ? Or you all are lower th peeps
    I don't think they need to explain themselves why they said No, I see your post as an Idea and Feature Request rather than a General discussion type of post, but it lacks substance, "defense that will just over power lower th", "attack that just over power other TH", "a spell that takes more housing space", I think there's nothing more to discuss about it other than just simply saying No.
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