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Thread: Level 44 farmer

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    Level 44 farmer

    Hello i am currently a level 44 farmer and i have a very nice looking farm with all machines running and working haha . i am looking for a permanent neighborhood that is very competitive in the derby and is hopefully in the champions league. I am also looking for a neighborhood that is very chatty and likes to help others grow. A farm with at least 15 people or more would be ideal . and the idea of helping other farmers grow is everything thing. I promise to do all my derby task 320+ and to be very friendly and help others . thank you . and please remember i really want a chatty and communication neighborhood.

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    hey fantasy! i think you tried contacting me last week, but then the nh was full sadly! you interested still? lmk

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    Chicago Stockyards is a brand new neighborhood! We are a Chicago-based group of relatively new players that are welcoming farmers from anywhere in the world! We are not overly competitive, and we welcome players of all levels!
    ��️Please join us on the journey to developing and growing our farms together! ��️
    Be somewhat active
    Donate and help out other members if possible
    Be respectful
    Have fun and help us grow!
    ��️There are no level requirements. ��️
    ��️We look to start to derbies soon! We only have a few members right now, mostly lower levels, but we are planning to grow very fast, and we are extremely active.��️

    Name: Chicago Stockyards
    My friend code: #PJJL82RJL

    If you are interested feel free to shoot me a dm on discord @ MiniMars#5827 or just apply to the neighborhood in-game! We are brand new, so we still have some leadership roles available. Thanks!

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    bumping , still looking

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    Hi I have a great neighborhood, very active, derby focused - champions league. 2000pt requirement per player. We do only have currently about 9 people right now but we are looking to grow and expand would love to have you on board. Neighborhood name is Family Farm #LQGVV2Q8

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    Hey there....try our MISS BEHAVING SPANK IT hood. They are a great little team, helpful, and derby competitive.
    Hood: Miss Behaving Tag#88vpc8rq

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissBehaving View Post
    Hey there....try our MISS BEHAVING SPANK IT hood. They are a great little team, helpful, and derby competitive.
    hello yes can i join ?

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    iím still looking ! anyone ?

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