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Thread: Can we give our towns a name please?

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    Can we give our towns a name please?

    Hi. We can name our farms and we can name our pets, so how about we can name our towns please. We could have the town name on the front of the railway station so that everyone can see it when they pick up town folks. Any thoughts on this please? I like the idea.

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    I think this will be nice addition to the game.

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    I agree! Even just the name of our neighborhood, which might make more sense.l

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    That is a wonderful idea !!! I always love to have a farm name with a Bee in it, because thats my nickname is RL. So I would probably call my town "Beetropolis" (Metropolis). "Got ham City" (Gotham City) is also a cool name for a town in Hay Day. Or "Roham" (Rohan) or "MOOnas Tirith" (Minas Tirith). I am sure you guys have a lot more funny town names . Would love to see them in the game.

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