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Thread: Looking for competitive Neighbourhood.

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    Thumbs Up Looking for competitive Neighbourhood.

    Very active player during the week, chilled a bit on weekends. I usually will have ALL of my 320 x 9 tasks done by Friday. I am solid as a Co-Leader, and delete all tasks under 320.
    Will do a 10th., if we are super close a trophy...My hood is lovely, but too chilled. I want to be in the top 3 to get my decorations and special gifts.
    Must be English speaking and preferably in the America’s, but certainly, no more than 4 hours difference, As I find it difficult to play when half of the hood is on the other side of the world. I save bushes and trees for derby. Town play is a must, Valley..optional. I do it for the land scrolls...sigh.
    Level 159 #GJPV009G

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    Now recruiting....

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    sup bro sounds like the nh your looking for

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