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Thread: TH 11 almost Max| K-48, Q-50 ,W -18

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    TH 11 almost Max| K-48, Q-50 ,W -18

    Looking for a clan, that's chill and complete's clan games. I am semi active due to work and stuff. I can take part in clan war league, and sometimes in regular war. I max out on clan games 70% of time.
    PLAYER TAG : #2PLYC9998
    I am looking for a lvl10+ clan.

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    **Desi Boys**

    Welcome to Desi Boys (#RVPRVV2G) a clan like no other if you like active clan chats and constant donations then look no further.

    About Us:-
    * International clan
    * Clan Level 13
    * CWL - Gold 3
    * Social and friendly atmosphere that focuses on the players

    * TH7 and upwards
    * Mature, active clasher
    * Prefer to have fun, learn and experiment new attacks
    * Competitive
    * English speaking
    * Actively participates in Clan wars/league and clan games.
    * Donate as required, max troops for war

    If you have any queries feel free to drop me a message or join our discord


    Check Us Out:

    CoC - QueenBee| Level 243
    AQ 66 | BK 65 | GW 37 | RC 4

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    You can check us out. Level 14 clan. Crystal III. Max clan game and active. English speaking. #Y0YG8VJ8
    Sent you an invitation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giridaran52 View Post
    Looking for a clan, that's chill and complete's clan games. I am semi active due to work and stuff. I can take part in clan war league, and sometimes in regular war. I max out on clan games 70% of time.
    PLAYER TAG : #2PLYC9998
    I am looking for a lvl10+ clan.
    We make it up for being lvl 3 by being active AF!

    Legion of Havoc is now recruiting fresh blood! 👑

    Let's spare you the boring, lengthy description of how good one's clan is, so here's a few basic info. of our clan that should help you decide:

    🔴 Clan lvl 3 (Est. amidst global pandemic, home to quarantine clashers)
    🔴 24×7 CW (heroes aren't mandatory)
    🔴 Maxed CG (obvious)
    🔴 CWL - Crystal 2
    🔴 Quick, maxed donations
    🔴 English speaking (International)
    🔴 Organized & guided CW (Helping you become a better attacker, even when you think you're bad at wars)
    🔴 Strong language allowed (If you don't rage at getting 99%, you ain't a true clasher)


    🔵 TH10+ - unrushed (Why? - because we're a COMPOSITE clan. We're a mixture of TH10s, TH11s, TH12s & TH13s)
    🔵 Mature clashers (Don't need your age, your behaviour will let us know)
    🔵 Contribution to the clan via CG, CW, donations and casual clan chat
    🔵 English (Don't have to be good, but must be understandable)

    I'm sure these details should suffice, if not, you could join our Discord server to know all the additional, in-depth information about the clan:

    Clan link:

    Updated war stats:

    CG status of June season:

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    Hi Giridaran,

    If you're still searching for a clan check us out! If you have any questions just ask!

    Pine Fine 2 #VRPP28L8

    We are recruiting a couple more TH11+ ***(cannot be rushed or engineered)*** that are active in wars. We war every Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday and the war are started at 8PM EST. We are looking for members that are friendly but take war seriously.

    We are in Masters III for Supercell CWL

    We have sister clans:

    • Pine Fine #PYULYYU9 - Champions III - 15v15
    • Battle Hardened #8CV0CYL8 - Crystal II - 30v30

    Our record is 124 wins and 41 losses. If you have opted for wars you are expected to use both your attacks. We have had a 19 and 14 win war streak in the past.

    We do event wars (Trojan, Ground/Air only wars) and also try to participate in the PotLucks.

    We do require you to join Discord for communication if you join.

    If you do send an invite, please put [Goliath] so you’re not denied since we are always actively waring.

    We have not missed maxed rewards since Clan Games was introduced. If you join we do not have a minimum limit on how many points you must earn we just hope that you contribute as much as you can.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to comment here. Good luck and hope to hear from you soon!


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    Look Under You...
    Whiskey Rage is level 13 clan established on 11-17-17 currently recruiting members for war, clan games and CWL. We are rebuilding the clan with 26 current members. Most of our members are Town Hall 11+ and level 130+. Being an adult clan we understand that not everyone can spend hours on clash and everyone has their own lives to deal with. Our clan does put emphasis on competitive and fun gaming but we are also quite chill and enjoy clash as a game and not as a way of life or to take it up as a profession. So this is a clan for people who share the love for the game but are not into extreme competitive gaming. We are recruiting town hall 10 and above with almost maxed bases. We are also looking for people who like to war and take part in clan games. If you’d like to join, make sure to put a message in the clan join message saying that you’re from the forums so that we know you’re not a war spy. Thank you for reading and clash on!

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