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    Quote Originally Posted by milomilomilo View Post
    Yes, please skip all those dead bases. I will do my best to attack them for you, so that they don't go unattacked. It's all good.
    What he/she said lol *points up* ... blimey, I love a dead base ... I want that loot as quickly and as easily as I can get it, so I can get on with stuff in multiple accounts I leave my challenging attacks to FCs, war and CWL ... practically skip with joy when I come across sumat where the defences have all run out of juice to raid, easy 3*, bag the trophies and all that lovely dosh in double quick time and on to the next one In fact, if I get too high I’ll drop down to actively seek them out, there’s loads in the lower leagues Clan games challenges always leaps me back up the trophies again without much effort Leave them for the rest of us
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