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Thread: ♥[Recruiting] Champions | TH12& th 13 | Clan Level 18

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    ♥[Recruiting] Champions | TH12& th 13 | Clan Level 18

    ♥[Recruiting] Champions | TH12& th 13 | Clan Level 18|Top 100 clans of India
    Welcome to the Champions.Rome wasnt built in a day nor were the top 100 COC clans in the world! So, join us for a fresh beginning that will grow into something beyond than just a clan. We need you to grow with us and be part of this clan that will be more like a family to you.

    Are you looking for a fun, productive clan? We have a diverse "population" of trophy pushers, farmers, and more!


    What we offer to you

    1.♥Always completes Clan Games, reaching the last tier every time!
    2.♥Constant Wars including CWL and regular Clan Wars[With/Without heroes]
    3.♥Very active people, who always donate
    4.♥Friendly Clan willing to help others
    5.♥Level 18 clan

    Requirements as a player

    1.♥TH11+ (40/40/15 Heroes)
    3.♥Must have integrity, personal best, and respect

    Guyzzz... Latest edit..
    We are now recruiting more players.. We had 3 spots open then now we have more spots open(about 20) so get started and join us..

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