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Thread: Town Visitor neighbor pick up list has Multi-Building visitors

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    Town Visitor neighbor pick up list has Multi-Building visitors

    In Town, I have been seeing my neighborhood visitors' pick up listing as displaying some multi-building visitors with green checks and a red X. They are selectable but not playable. I believe the green checked buildings is what the other player has successfully served. The building with red X is where the other player has sent visitor to station without serving it.

    This problem had occurred at some time in the past. It seemed to have been repaired. It is back again.
    ==== Plz restore your Grocery Store building modification back to original designed item requirements to serve visitor. Many of those item requirements to serve a Grocery store visitor are way excessive. The coin, xp, rep points received for it are way insufficient for the time it took to make those items and the time to replace them in barn/silo inventory. As a result the excessive lost items take away from other parts of the game that might need them too , such as boat and truck orders.
    So you see one little modification like that not only sours Town enjoyment, it negatively impacts the whole game. ========

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    Yes, someone else posted same issue after the update

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