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    Recover Account

    Hi Supercell! You have banned my account without any reason. Plz return it as soon as possible btw my tag is #LGPL8UG89

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    Nobody here can help you. Iím sure there is a rain for the ban.

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    You can see the reason for ban when start your game.

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    Contact SC(Supercell) support, preferably in-game. Only they can help you.
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    All accounts are banned for a reason and that reason is stated when you attempt to login to the account. No one here can help you and discussing your ban is an inapproriate topic for this forum. All we could do is make an educated guess about what happened. Like, maybe it had something to do with your posts the other day asking someone to give you an account. We could speculate that you have been engaging in risky behavior with accounts, but no one here really knows for sure.
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